Unlock God Mode in Windows 8

How to Unlock God Mode in Windows 8

by Shane Zentz

Cool Windows 8 Secrets and Tricks

Hi Everybody,
Last week I posted how to unlock ‘God Mode’ in Windows 7, and after some trial and error I have learned that the process is nearly the same in Windows 8. So just to review, God Mode is basically just a centralized administration center where all controls are displayed in one location. Just like in Windows 7, the process for opening god mode in windows 8 is very easy and straightforward. First just create a folder anywhere, I think that the desktop is the best place, but you can place it anywhere in Windows that you want. Next, just rename the folder (right click and rename) to:

And then just like in Windows 7, the icon for the folder will change to a control panel icon. When you open the icon you will get a folder with every administration option available to the user, in other words ‘God Mode’ with complete control, or at least as much control as Windows will allow. So if you like to have one location to control just about anything that Windows 8 will allow you to control, then try to unlock the ‘God Mode’.

Thanks for reading this post!
Shane Zentz