Resize a Batch of Photos using Photoshop

If your camera is anything like mine, a Sony DSC-W330, it takes great pictures but the size is way too big. And if you need to resize your photos to post on the internet or to be able to more easily send them in an email, then you know that it can take a long time to resize the photos. And it is even worse if you have a large batch of photos. Well there is a ‘batch photo resize’ function built into photoshop which makes this previously time consuming process way easier and way faster. I have to say that this process works perfectly with my sony camera which normally takes pictures at 4320 x 3240 pixels, way too large for most applications. When I use the function in photoshop that I am going to describe it only takes a few minutes (or even a few seconds) depending on the number of images in the batch. And I usually resize the images to 800 x 600 pixels. This used to take me a ton of time, but then I discovered this photoshop shortcut to resize a whole batch of photos. But the best part is that it requires no user interaction, it is completely automatic. The one thing that I should mention is that I don’t think that this will work very well with a folder (or batch) of images of different sizes, but you could try it and see, because you never know, it just may work!
So, you have a batch of photos (a folder of equally sized photos from your digital camera), and you need to resize all of them, and you want a fast way of doing it? You don’t want to spend a few hours resizing them one by one? Then Photoshop to the rescue! Here is how to resize a batch of photos using photoshop.
The first step is to get all the photos you are going to resize into one folder, and like I said earlier it is best that they are all the same size. Next, open photoshop. Now go to: file and scroll down and select the ‘scripts’ sub-menu and then select “Image Processor”.

photoshop menu-1024x768

photoshop menu-










A new window will open with all the options you will need to resize your batch of photos.

Photoshop Batch Resize

Photoshop Batch Resize


Under the first section, click on the ‘select folder’ button and find the folder of photos you need resized. Then, choose where you want the photos saved, if in the same location then select that or if in another location, then browse to that location. Now the third option is where you select save as jpeg (usually what you will need), and then the box next to it ‘resize to fit’ and the default is 800 x 600, normally a pretty good size for email and the internet. Once your settings are correct, click on run and sit back and enjoy. All you will see is the photoshop checkerboard background changing sizes for each photo in your batch, and this will be pretty fast if you only have a few photos but will take a while if you have a large number of photos. But it is completely automatic. When the show is over, navigate over to the folder you selected to save the photos in and you should see a new folder (within that folder) named ‘jpeg’ in that you will have your resized photos (and your original photos should be still intact).

How cool was that? I cannot believe how much time I wasted by resizing each image seperately. This cool photoshop function has saved me a ton of time, and hopefully it will save you time as well.
Thanks for reading this photoshop tutorial.Shane Zentz