How to Improve Image Quality with Photoshop – by Shane Zentz

How to Improve the Quality of Your Images with Photoshop

by Shane Zentz

If you use your digital camera for photography and also use Photoshop for editing images or creating graphics, then you can improve the quality of your digital photos with a few simple steps in Photoshop. So lets assume that you take a picture on a cloudy, fall day and the lighting is not so great. So that the photo is dark and the detail is difficult to see. Your picture could look something like this:












Well with Photoshop you can make this dull looking digital photograph look great with a few easy steps. So first open this photo up in Photoshop. Now to make it a little brighter with better lighting and better contrast, select Image->Adjustments->and then brightness/contrast from the menu. You will see a dialog box with two slider controls, one for the brightness and one for the contrast. For this photo I first increased the brightness a little and then also increased the contrast just a bit. And here is the result of this first round of improvements:







This digital photograph certainly looks better than the original low-light dull photo. But I think it can be improved still even more. So I select Image->adjustments->brightness/contrast once again and increase the brightness a little bit more and I also increase the contrast a little bit more as well. The more I play with the adjustments the more of a feel I can get for how the photo really should look and once I have what I feel are the correct settings, I save the image again. Here is the final result:






This looks so much better than the dull, low-light original digital photo, don’t you agree? So there you have it, a very easy way to improve the quality of your digital photographs with Photoshop. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helps you out.

Thanks for reading this post!

Shane Zentz